The Consultant

The best advice for the client.

The Consultant

The Consultant has earned the trust of the client. She listens to the problems of the client carefully, and asks for details to understand the problems faced by the customer.

It is not enough for a professional to be right: An advisor’s job is to be helpful. David ― David H. Maister, The Trusted Advisor


A good listener

The Consultant listens to the problems of the client, and keeps them in mind. She cares. It is not just a transaction for her. If, during another project, or in another context, they see a development that might help the customer, they will let them know of this potential solution to their problem.


The Consultant overcommunicates and never goes missing without setting the expectations right. A great consultant sets the expectations rights, and communicates clearly any delays or important developments, instead of hiding them. This dependability is fundamental to not break the hard-earned trust she enjoys with the client.

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